Thursday, March 1, 2012

Plan B in College Vending Machine! Fabulous.

     I was thrilled to be able to report for about a college that put Plan B in a vending machine in it's self-care medical center. How brilliant! Women should be able to get this helpful pill - which relies on the same hormones as birth control pills and which I've used myself - in peace and privacy. This school's approach is a sane and gentle reminder that it's nobody business how women control their reproductive health except the women themselves.
     Which is why it enraged me to read that a Washington state federal judge ruling that pharmacists in that state can opt out of dispensing Plan B or other emergency contraceptives on grounds of religious beliefs.
      That's a disgrace. Emergency contraception does not cause abortion, it prevents pregnancy from occurring - why is anyone's"belief" allowed to subvert this fact? Why should anyone seeking preventive care be the victim of someone else's "belief"? And why is it only ever women's reproductive rights that pharmacists have a "conscience" about? I've never heard of a pharmacist refusing to sell cholesterol meds because they don't want to interfere with "god's plan" that the buyer drop dead of a heart attack. If you don't want to dispense legal drugs for preventive care you shouldn't be a pharmacist. Period.
       On an up note - because this issue infuriates me so much that I need one - let's take a lesson from the idea of vending machines that stocks Plan B and get more of them out there. At $25 the Plan B dispensed by that machine considerably less expensive than it is at regular pharmacies, plus you get to bypass Stranger Danger - the danger of some stranger's "beliefs" interfering with your rights.
       That sounds like a Plan A to me.

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