Save Them All: A trip to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah

"Would you like to go where you've always wanted to go and do one of your favorite things ever?"

That's not how the press trip to Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary in Angel Canyon, Utah was put to me, but that's how I heard it. I've long wanted to see Utah and Best Friends held the promise of playing with dogs. And cats. And seeing horses, goats and probably a few other things that were on your See-and-Say: The Farmer Says. Animals never lose their magic. 

This was one of the most magical trips I've ever been on (and I've been to the Playboy Mansion). I'm working on my story for Alternet right now; this is photo companion for pics of the things I talk about in that. I may post more on other aspects of the journey.

Wait. I just got it. That's what was different. This wasn't a trip. It was a journey, one I hope as many people get to go on as possible. 

Above: Pima learning about cameras from Melissa Miller in puppy socialization class.

Above: The puppies love Glenn Pierce, behavioral consultant at Dogtown.

Above: Doody, right, a poor little budgie so overbred he can't see.

Above: This pig wants to go for a walk now and is blocking the manager from leaving until he gets his way. It doesn't work.

Above: Anne Rollin getting kisses from clicker trained bunny. She had the sweetest bond with them.

Above: Clicker trained cockatiels in Parrot Garden.

Because the manager said some of the dogs didn't like cameras I left my phone off in Dogtown. I wished I had a picture of my personal favorite dog, Lincoln, a 9 year-old lab who liked to talk but was also great at companionable silence. What a great dog. He's going to be someone's perfect buddy someday. 

Above: Prince, the little foal who doesn't have a mom but has a stepfather named Feather (StepFeather?)

Above: Bubba, former fighting dog found in a Denver dumpster in terrible shape, a healthy, handsome guy, owned by Best Friends' Jacqueline Johnson. Here he is stoically accepting that everyone wants to meet him. 

That's the end. 
(at least for now...)


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