Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's Happening's Nude Party @ Fairvilla Megastore

Pop Quiz: Where might you find the following all under one roof?
       Beer, wine, rum, corsets, dirty books, sushi being served off nude models, adult movies, body-painted stilt-walking dancers, an arsenal of vibrators and lots of people raising lots of money for a good cause.
       a) Heaven
       b) my house
       c) What’s Happening Magazine’s 2009 Nude Party, “Elemental” at Fairvilla Megastore.
       Si, it’s C, with festivities, sales and silent auctions going to raise money for The Avenue Project, in search of a cure for AIDS. We got so many pix at this excellent night out – and blogger seems to only be able to handle 5 at a time – that we’re going to have to show them to you in three posts. First: mermaids, dancers (amazing body painting by Blast FX) other and friends:

Top down: Our gorgeous merman, hot little devil belly dancer, Brendan O'Connor, Scottie Campbell and Jeff Jones; Pom of Pom Pom's Teahouse with Eddie Nickell from Funky Monkey, a young lady whose name we didn't get but who was warmer than she looked, and finally me and What's Happening's famous Danny G. Next up.....nude sushi models....

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