Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geek Love: MEGACON

Sweet Zombie Jesus! Great Merciful Crap! And other phrases of astonishment coined by Matt Groening characters! Megacon! Who knew?
Everyone but me, evidently, because as I am the only person on earth who has never been to Vegas or seen The Matrix I was, until yesterday, the only person I know who had never attended a sci fi/anime/comics/and more convention that’s bigger than many cities: Megacon, which ran from Feb. 17-19 at the Orange County Convention Center here in Orlando. 

Seriously: the place was like the 42nd Street subway station at rush hour. Everyone was there for as much Geek Love as they could get…and there was plenty.

Some of the highlights for me were, of course the fact that about 95% of the attendees were in costume, everything from zombies to game pieces to Jack Sparrows to this lady. I was so riveted, so spellbound by her yarn beard that I didn’t even ask who she was, though ‘some troll,’ ‘some Viking,’ or ‘some God,’ would have done fine for an answer. She made that yarn beard and those yarn horns herself, too and if that doesn’t denote supernatural powers I dunno what does. 

Another highlight was going to the Robot Chicken panel and hearing Matt Seinreich and Zeb Wells talk about what it’s like to work on the show AND go that extra mile of getting SETH GREEN to talk to the audience via speakerphone. Everyone went bananas, of course, and with good reason, when they announced that Paul Reubens will be part of the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics special - RCDC - along with ,Megan Fox and Alfred Molina. It was also good to hear that they have a lot of ideas that never see the light of day….I’m glad to know I’m not the only writer with a stack of “Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Heard,” files buried somewhere in my computer.
The costumes, as I’ve mentioned, were top notch and here’s my friend Miriam Ruckert as “one of the characters from the book Game of Thrones, (I didn’t ask further because I was doing good just to keep up with my group and some looks are elegant enough to require no explanation)...

and THIS GUY who was a dead ringer for Thor. The resemblance is as close as the movie was bad.

At some point we were standing around what appeared to be the celebrity pen, where all the stars selling autographs were corralled, like a petting zoo with a bunch of very fit,, well-mannered and somewhat bored-looking specimens in it. Because of the line around the pen we thought one had to pay money to even get in to gawk at a reasonable distance and were squinting like Mr. Magoo, trying to get a good look at some of the stars when suddenly…not looking of course…we stumbled on the entrance and felt far too stupid to be anywhere near a sci-fi con. 
     But the beauty part of being stupid is that it also requires to to sometimes be sneaky. Because we didn't know you could just walk in to the celebrity area we also didn't know you couldn't take pictures while you were in there, so taking one while outside the perimeter seemed like the thing to do. Especially since the subject was Corin Nemec!!! You know….Parker Lewis Can’t Lose!!!! He was really there for Stargate but seriously…..PARKER LEWIS!!!! One of the best shows EVER on TV. There are people I know who would have stopped speaking to me had they known I had a chance to take Corin Nemec's picture and failed, plus, once we got sense enough to walk into the corral he was nice enough to tell us in a brief chat the DVDs of the series are out. This show typified the early 90’s, a beautiful time in American history before we’d ever heard of George Bush the younger, “Jersey Shore,” or even Olestra (all of which produce the same effect on sensitive persons). This was a serious highlight of the day….if only one of us had been wearing a yarn beard it would have been perfect.
We also got to see the lovely Lacey Sanchez and two of her Florida Tribal Bellydancers and avoided having to watch the actual costume contest by watching all the particpants file in: we liked the Tetris pieces. 
A few more random shots and the day was next lingerie purchase......
a weird mix of Ghostbusters, Blues Brothers and, way in the background, Inspector Gadget...
Doug's new best friend...
...and my new boy toy

Anyway, a wonderful time was had by all and I'm sure I'll go again. You suppose they'll ever have one of these things for Downton Abbey

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