Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Me in SeXis: VA lawmakers might actually consider studying the law they were about to pass

Just think of the amount of time and energy that could be saved if everyone....but specifically lawmakers...would actually consider the consequences of things before acting on them.
Virginia lawmakers are actually rethinking a bill requiring women to get invasive, pointless pre-abortion ultra-sounds, a bill they were all set to put right into law until protestors made enough of a fuss pointing out that this could amount to 'state-sanctioned rape.'
If it had been about putting a foot-long probe up their butts you can bet they'd have seriously considered it....and it almost was when State Senator Janet Howell almost got an amendment added to the bil requiring rectal exams for men wanting ED meds,
I think I have a crush on her.
Anyway, thank you to all those people who spoke out and especially to all those protestors in Virginia who did so very, very much without saying a single word.

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