Friday, March 23, 2012

Gay men arrested for "buggery" on cruise ship

     Welcome aboard it's loooo-oooooo-oooove! Except in Dominica, where two men were initially prosecuted for "buggery" because there it's illegal for two men to have sex. Those charges were dropped and they eventually plead guilty to indecent exposure - but there's more to the story - including a poetic defense from their attorney explaining why the intoxicating Caribbean atmosphere lead them to the alleged public canoodling. Booze & beauty....the human will is no match for them at all is it? Sigh. Been there.

Check out my story (which gives you the full skinny)  here on SeXis in "Gay men arrested for 'buggery' on cruise ship. And if you're concerned about the level of tolerance of the country you're traveling to the story also includes a link to's list of countries according to gay-friendliness. Bon voyage!

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