Monday, March 31, 2014

Animal Valentines: 5 of Nature’s Best Flirters

Still trying to catch up with blogging! But I'm so glad I get to look at Animal Valentines: 5 of Nature’s Best Flirters at the moment. I need a cheer-up and nothing cheers me up like Pedrita.

At least I'm pretty sure this is Pedrita. Pedrita is the poster girl for a new behavior in a group of bearded capuchin monkeys who has decided that throwing rocks at boys you're interested in is a good way to get their attention. You can read more about them in the story - Pedrita is responsible for the bulk of the rock throwing and the very sight of her cheers me up.

I shared the capuchin story with a girlfriend who said "Why do they do it? Do they hit them with rocks and then use that as a reason to comfort them?" I love how different her take was than mine, which was "Oh really? I don't have you're attention yet? WHAM! HOW SEXY AM I NOW?"

Check her out: the windup before the pitch.....atta girl....

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  1. This certainly gives "the pie in the face" ritual among humans a new meaning ...